Why Vote for Noel?

Voters of the new 57th Assembly District have the opportunity to send a new voice to Sacramento.

Noel Jaimes is a 35-year resident and local businessman that believes in Honest, Responsive Government. Like you, Noel has seen the oppressive effects of Sacramento on businesses, schools, counties, local government and working families.

California remains in serious financial trouble. Sacramento remains gridlocked and indecisive on how to restart our economy and create jobs. They continue to kick the can down the road while businesses, schools, counties, cities and families suffer.

Noel isn't afraid to speak truth to power and will fight for local control of our businesses, schools, counties, cities, public safety and communities.

Sacramento needs new leaders - leaders who believe that we need to focus on the basics - jobs, public safety, education, and balancing our budget.  We need leaders who will say "no" to new taxes and out of control spending and "yes" to fewer regulations and more jobs.


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